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Everything starts with a blank paper and a full mind of creativity
which joining extraordinary textiles in sophisticated style.


Thanks for the fine tuning, the union of great colors and forms create such a collection
which gives the feeling of being special and outstanding for whom wearing it.

Mallár Mónika

  • 1998 University of Art and Design Budapest Dress and textile designer (Scholarships of OMEGA and Republic of Hungary)
  • 1998 Among with the best 100 young artist at World-Expo Lisbon
  • 1998-2016 Teacher at School of Fashion and Style designer and Art of Debrecen
  • 2000-2010 Professional journeys (Paris, Rome, Milan)
  • 2000 Exhibition and Fashion Show in Japan
  • 2003- Designing and creating the performing dresses of the world famous CANTEMUS Choir
  • 2004 Opening designer dress salon in Nyíregyháza
  • 2016 Opening designer dress salon in Eger
  • 2014 Foundation of IMMA Design Ltd.
  • 2018 Creation of webshop

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Mónika Mallár
Mónika Mallár

Manager, artist